It was the middle of the first decade of the new millennium when the idea of Hellenic Center of Microsurgery and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery (HCMRPS) commenced as an idea, recognizing the fragmentary health provision as well as the lack of systematic and organized health treatment in a team frame in the area of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery in Greece.

Reconstructive Plastic Surgery is an integral part of Plastic Surgery including a wide range of surgical interventions to restore the form and function of the body following trauma, removal of tumours, burns etc.

The idea is the transfer of tissue from a distant or adjacent part of the body and restoration of a defect using autologous tissues in the vast majority of cases. A precious tool in our armamentarium is Microsurgery, which necessitates the use of loupes and micro-instruments in order to raise tissue from a donor site area and transfer it to the defect site with the use of the operating microscope.

Following strenuous effort, HCMRPS was created, and this is a unique venture and innovation in the private sector. Our Department is consisted of Dr. Petros Spyriounis, Dr. Spyridon Vourtsis and Dr. Nikos Karmiris, doctors with many years of education and practice both in Greece and abroad. Our high specialization, co-operation with departments of other countries and our continuous education, is a guarantee of the best possible treatment with the most updated treatment options, giving to the patient the confidence of the highest standard of care in the field of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery.

HCMRPS has created the Department of Reconstructive and Μicrovascular Plastic Surgery in collaboration with Iaso General, which is one of the top, and most modern private Hospitals of southeast Europe. This collaboration is finally giving to the patient in Greece the guarantee of care and treatment with the highest possible standards.

Hellenic Center of Microsurgery and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery